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How Much to Tip at the Nail Salon: Nail Salon Etiquette

How Much to Tip at the Nail Salon
How Much to Tip at the Nail Salon

How Much to Tip at the Nail Salon: Nail Salon Etiquette

When you're at the nail salon and the beautician gets your nails done, there's always that slightly awkward moment where you rummage through your wallet and wonder how much tip to give.

Well, this guide aims to solve this problem for you once and for all. Below we talk about how much a nail salon stylist tips for a variety of services including pedicures and nail polishes

Should You Tip at the Nail Salon?

Most people wonder whether nail shaping is the same as trimming or drying. Should you tip your manicurist or nail technician? Own.

According to Julie Kandalek, who does celebrity manicures in New York and founded the Masterclass Nail Academy, "tips should be part of the final price that clients are expected to pay," she says. "For example, if your service costs $50, you should think of it as $60."

Therefore, you should pay at the nail salon the same way you would pay for a spa or hair salon treatment. Not only is this good etiquette, but it helps you maintain a good relationship with your nail artist.

More importantly, the manicurists don't take home a fortune. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for manicures and pedicures is $14.65 per hour. About 75% of technicians said they donated their tools, equipment and consumables

How Much to Tip Nail Salon Stylists?

According to Jody RR Smith, president and owner of Mannersmith and etiquette consultant, you should tip 15 to 20% at a nail salon.

According to Smith, "You might tip more if you are very happy, or tip less if you are disappointed." Therefore, depending on the level of service you receive from the beautician, your tip could go up or down for the nails.

Meanwhile, Krista Cole, a nail artist in Los Angeles, says you should tip 20% or more, as these things can make nail artists feel underappreciated.

She said: "If your nail artist has done a great job, don't hesitate to give them what they think they deserve. When you show your nail technicians that they are appreciated, they will do anything for you every time.

Cindy Ramirez-Fulton, founder of Chillhouse Salon in New York City, agrees. He said that one should always tip 20%, and noted that he always tipped 30% at lower priced salons.

Establish a Solid Relationship and Tip Accordingly

It's also important to note that your relationship with the nail artist also determines what you give them. For example, if you have a good relationship with them, you can give 20%.

But if you're in the process of building a relationship, you may want to tip a little more.

At a salon called Lacquer in Austin, Texas, manicurists receive an average of 18% in tips for their services. Carla Hatler, the owner, says, "It's really based on (our customer's) relationship (with our nail technicians) and how great they find their service."

At a salon called Poppy & Monroe in Nashville, Tennessee, customers tip 20% to 98% of the time.

Kops, the owner, said, "If for some reason we don't provide good service), I can understand a lower tip, but I'd say 95 to 98 percent tip is 20 percent or more."

Therefore, the tip rate is virtually constant across all federal states. While customers are expected to tip more in some upscale urban areas, the national average is 15% to 20%.

What If There Are Two Nail Technicians?

If there are two manicurists, you should tip both of them. For example, if one gives you a pedicure while the other paints your nails, you'll need to tip both technicians separately, 15% to 20% depending on the service. If you have a manicure and pedicure, the bigger end is having to go to a podiatrist.

What If the Service Is Bad?

Tati Danzler, owner and nail designer Tati's Nails XoXo, says, "Don't get me wrong — you don't have to tip if you aren't satisfied with the service."

However, she says you shouldn't just leave the salon without tipping unless you first discuss your concerns with a manager.

If you receive poor service or something doesn't go according to plan, report this to your manager so they can avoid similar situations in the future and take all reasonable steps to fix the problem.

It's good for a company to know when things aren't going well and feel obligated to make up for it. Real win!

How Much to Tip for Pedicure?

On average, you should tip between 15% and 20% for pedicures.

Think about what the nail artist has to do with your feet and what extra effort they might put into making you feel more comfortable.

When deciding between 15% and 20% (or more), you should consider the following factors:

  • Experience: How was your salon experience? Do you get free drinks when using your services? If you have a great experience and the podiatrist goes above and beyond to meet your needs, consider tipping 20% ​​or more.

  • Number of Services: Also pay attention to the number of services you have done at the nail salon. Have you just come for a fresh nail color? In this case, 15% is ideal. But if you also get a manicure, you should tip 20%. If two different technicians give you a manicure and a pedicure, you'll usually have to tip the pedicure more.

You now know how many tips there are for a regular pedicure or manicure. Make manicure day your next visit to the nail salon by showing your appreciation with a neat tip.

Final Take

Tipping is always encouraged in the service industry and should be considered when calculating the total cost of providing a service. How much you tip is completely up to you, but you should consider the quality of service you will receive. It's also a great way to build a relationship with your nail artist.



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